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Alexander Sancho is a member of ASORCAFE, a collection of around 450 small-lot producers that band together to sell their coffee under one unified name. This gives each individual producer more power when negotiating to fetch a higher price for their coffees. ASORCAFE operates in the municipality of Inza, in the department of Cauca. They started in 2004 with 10 original members who fought back against the inherent corruption in Colombia at the time and created a system designed to diminish the control of the FARC guerillas in the region and allow the FNC (Colombian National Coffee Board) and other specialty coffee groups to get a foothold in the region. This allowed the average price per pound to rise and gave each of the smaller producers leverage to increase their prices which in-turn increased their quality of life.

ASORCAFE has evolved over the years to an incredibly consistent quality minded organization. The organization helps their members with knowledge and structure in order to raise their quality level. This lot from Alexander Sancho is one that shows the mark of ASORCAFE’s influence. His coffees are immediately different in taste from other Colombian coffees. His have clarity and depth where many others fall flat, and the richness in body and sweetness are unmatched.

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